welcome to hell
I’m a deeply fucked up person who can’t be fixed.
- (via boys-and-suicide)

I am so so SO proud of you <333 stay amazing

thank you <3 and you stay amazing too lovely anon :)

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I know it's hard to keep yourself from cutting and so easy to go back to the blades, but have you tried alternatives? Like holding an ice cube or flicking an elastic band? It might help if you haven't. It's obviously your choice in the end but I believe in you. Stay strong, you're a beautiful person.

i have tried the alternatives but they dont help for me but thank you for trying to help maybe they might be able to help some of my followers lovely anon 

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try not to, please?

i didn’t so proud for being able to lovely anon

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Try your best to stay away from them. Do anything in your power. You don't deserve the pain.

thank you for this message lovely anon and i was able to resist the urge :)

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still feeling like shit the meds are not working at all, i got an appointment on monday to see the doctor so hopefully they will either increase the dose or try different meds but i just dont know how much longer i can keep going on feeling like this :(

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