Welcome to my dark diary

*TRIGGER WARNING* depression, suicide, and self harm blog I DO NOT PROMOTE ANYTHING SELF DESTRUCTIVE EXCEPT RECOVERY. I use this blog to get the thoughts and feeling out. I suffer with clinical depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and self harm. if you need to talk or just want to ask advice or to just vent just ask me! and I will try my best to help. PLEASE DON'T DELETE MY BLOG IT HELPS MORE THEN MEDS EVER DID.



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to all my followers and anyone else who have ever


  • lost someone close to them
  • been neglected
  • been abused (mentally, physically, emotionally)
  • been bullied
  • hurt yourselfย 
  • made yourself sick
  • starved yourself
  • felt isolated or lonely
  • felt suicidal
  • had suicidal thoughts
  • been pressured to be something youโ€™re not
  • have been victimised
  • been affected by mental illness
  • been unable to go or do certain things due to mental illness

I just want you to know..I love you & Iโ€™m proud of how far youโ€™ve come!!!image

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My side is being a right asshole can’t do to much without it jabbing me a sharp pain, and the constant aching full pain, really helps lift your mood up a lot! Feel like shit why the fuck do I keep on going? Just hope the doctor can help when I go to my appointment next week fingers crossed!