Welcome to my dark diary

*TRIGGER WARNING* depression, suicide, and self harm blog I DO NOT PROMOTE ANYTHING SELF DESTRUCTIVE EXCEPT RECOVERY. I use this blog to get the thoughts and feeling out. I suffer with clinical depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and self harm. if you need to talk or just want to ask advice or to just vent just ask me! and I will try my best to help. PLEASE DON'T DELETE MY BLOG IT HELPS MORE THEN MEDS EVER DID.


“ Maybe suicide is the way that I am meant to leave this world? ”


Not in a to bad mood at the moment hopefully it will last even though it id like 2 am best get some sleep also hope the WiFi is fixed soon its a pain to not.be able to answer any messages or really do much on tumblr via my phone!

The WiFi is still not working so I cant answer any messages or do much on my blog as it is being done on my mobile and I keep losing signal on that just hope they can fix it when they come.

I might not be on for a few days or it might be longer as my wifi has decided it wants to play up and not work >:( just hope I can get it fixed I need my internet

you can get through anything lovely and fuck anyone who makes you think otherwise. I love you

A question by what-a-nice-blog

thanks for believing in me